Massachusetts Agricultural Commissions
A Toolkit For
Organizing a Town Agricultural Commission

Welcome! This will provide you with all the tools you need for organizing an agricultural commission in your town. Here you will find sample documents that you can customize for your own use. Click on the links in the table below.

There is also a PowerPoint presentation (102 Megabytes) that you can use when speaking to local groups and a brochure you can hand out.

1. Exploratory Meeting Invitation View Download
2. Exploratory Meeting News Release View Download
3. Exploratory Meeting Agenda View Download
4. Exploratory Meeting Talking Points View Download
5. First Steering Committee Meeting View Download
6. First Steering Committee Notes View Download
7. Steering Committee Timeline View Download
8. Second Steering Committee Meeting View Download
9. Planning Board Talking Points View Download
10. Town Bylaws Warrant Articles View Download
11. Member Selection Criteria View Download
12. News Release View Download
13. Action Register View Download
14. First AgCom Meeting Guidelines View Download
15. AgCom Workplans View Download
16. Support Flyer View Download
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