Massachusetts Agricultural Commissions

About MAAC:

MAAC is a statewide organization formed in 2010 to support individual Agricultural Comissions. MAAC strives to provide AgComs with services and education to bolster and advance their agricultural support work at the local level. MAAC builds support for agriculture in communities through effective relations with state and federal agencies, elected and appointed officials, private and nonprofit organizations, and the public.

MAAC will:

  • provide education, training and support to AgCom members;
  • Strengthen AgCom networking and communication;
  • Build support for agriculture and AgComs;
  • Work toward strong, relevant science-based laws, regulations, and policies that concern agriculture.

MAAC Goals:

  • All Agcoms are strong and effective leaders in their communities;
  • All AgComs have the skills and resources they need to address local agricultural issues effectively.
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