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The following questions and responses address some common, important, and interesting issues pertaining to AgComs.

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 AgComs in Massachusetts

How many AgComs have organized in Massachusetts?
As of December 31, 2012, 149 AgComs have formed in Masssachusetts. Click here for a list and some information.

How many cities and towns in Massachusetts have adopted Right to Farm Bylaws?
As of December 31, 2012, 124 cities and towns have passed Right to Farm Bylaws.  Click here for a 2006 list of all cities and towns with Right to Farm.
(List is being updated. Please be patient.)

Right to Farm

How have cities and towns addressed the disclosure clause in the Right to FarmBy-law?
Please click this table link to view samples of how some cities and towns have addressed the disclosure clause within their Right to Farm By-law.
(This table was provided courtesy of Jessica Allen of the Pioneer Valley around 2006 and is being updated. Please be patient.)

What cities and towns currently include fines as part of its proposed Right to Farm Bylaw notification process?

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