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Recent Press Releases
Farm Viability Enhancement Program Applications Available
The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources is soliciting Marketing grant proposals
Year 2008 Grants to be awarded through the USDA Federal State Market Improvement Program (FSMIP)
$2.7 Million in Grants for Agricultural Innovation Announced (PDF)

$3.6 million Pledged to Aid Dairy Farmers (PDF)
Governor Patrick Announces Federal Disaster Aid (PDF) 
Application for the Agricultural Environmental Enhancement Program (AEEP) for FY 2008 is now available

Please contact the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture (MDAR) for more information on any of the programs listed below.

Farm Viability Enhancement Program (FVEP)
The Farm Viability Enhancement Program helps farmers keep their families on the land and keep sprawl from consuming their farms. It involves strengthening the business skills of farmers, combined with diversification and environmental integrity. 

Massachusetts Agricultural Environmental Enhancement Program (AEEP)
The purpose of AEEP is to provide support to agricultural operations in Massachusetts for the mitigation and/ or prevention of impacts on natural resources, including water and air, that may result from agricultural practices.

Agricultural Preservation Restriction Program (APR)
The APR Program is a voluntary program which is intended to offer a non-development alternative to farmers and other owners or "prime" and "state important" agricultural land who are faced with a decision regarding future use and disposition of their farms. Towards this end, the program offers to pay farmers the difference between the "fair market value" and the "agricultural value" of their farmland in exchange for a permanent deed restriction which precludes any use of the property that will have a negative impact on its agricultural viability.

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